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For the  BENEFIT of

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to Benefit the Columns Museum

Mrs. Jeannie Gourlay-Struthers settled in Milford, PA and three of her stage costumes are now kept at the Columns Museum, run by the Pike County Historical Society in Milford. These beautiful gowns are in desperate need of help; time has not been kind to them. So we here at "THE ALSO-RAN" have joined forces with the wonderful people at the Columns in fundraising efforts to see these treasures stabilized and restored. You see, we are of one mind; we want to see Jennie Gourlay remembered and honored. And her costumes, restored and displayed, can be a beautiful part of that remembrance. This is an expensive prospect- times three gowns- for a small museum to undertake and so we are asking for your help with our fundraising.


If you would like to make a donation by check you can do so by mailing it to:

Pike County Historical Society (P.C.H.S.)

P.O. Box 915

Milford, PA 18337

Please visit the Historical Society's website to learn more about Jeannie Gourlay-Struthers and the Lincoln Flag at this gem of a museum. And thank you for your generosity.


To coincide with President Abraham Lincoln's birthday weekend, Mr. Hipkins gave two fundraising performances of his solo show with all proceeds going toward the stabilization and preservation of Jennie Gourlay's costumes. Several of Jeannie Gourlay-Struthers distant relatives were in attendance, and have formed lasting relationships with Mr. Hipkins.

More fundraising performances will be announced shortly. Please join our mailing list for details.

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